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The EV mobile charger usually stores electricity in the battery and moves to the location of the EV when needed to charge quickly.
It can also solve problems related to parking spaces and is made easy for anyone to control.



Easy Control and Reliability

Incorporated muscular strength enhancement Technology allows anyone to use Mobile EV Charger despite being heavyweight. Incorporated ultrasound technology and LiDAR sensor allow to detects of obstacles and provide added safety.

Freedom of Movement 

Unlike a fixed charger, our Mobile EV Charger can be moved anywhere you want.
Providing solutions to a restricted number of parking spaces or blocked parking spaces and resolving conflicts.

Easy control, Added Safety

The 'muscular strength enhancement technology' allows Mobile EV Charger to be pushed easily despite heavy weight of 750kg (1600lbs).
The sensor inside the product is designed to push and drag with very little force while regulating users to use both hands and providing nearby obstacles information in front of the charger.

Quick Charging on Existing Infra 

The most reasonable response to a rapid increase in demand for EV charger.

Our product can be installed in an apartment or office building where there is a limited power grid for EV Charger.

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