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50% cost saving with initial installation/operation 

50% cost saving is available with cable construction cost and electricity cost(operation cost) compared to other companies through dynamic load-balancing.


60% reduction of installation labor(compared to version 2022)

Significant improvement in design by adopting a hinged cover for simple installation and easy maintenance. 


Immediate charging start sequence 

Charging sequence and time were reduced significantly with QR Code and BT PnC.


The world's first fire detection and response function

When a fire is detected by an embedded sensor, the charger immediately stops charging and sends an alert to the server and relevant authority, 


Smart EV Charger 2023

Input Single-Phase AC 200/240V 32A(7kW)/50A(11kW), 50/60Hz
Output AC 200/240V 32A(7kW)/50A(11kW), 50/60Hz 
Operating Temp. -25~40℃
UI LED Indicator, E-ink Display
Communication Bluetooth/WiFi, 4G LTE, LAN
Protection Level IP55
Size(mm) 306(W) ⨉ 116(D) ⨉ 381(H)
User Authentication  RF Card, NFC, QR Code, BT PnC
Certification KC, CSA/US, JARI 
Features Same Grid Connection Charge Period Power Load, Automatic dispersion control - Simultaneous charging (7kW → Max 5 EVs, 11kW → Max 8 EVs)


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