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rapid EV charger

Rapid EV Charger

Another high-efficiency rapid charger,
followed by smart EV charger. It can charge up to 100kW and monitor status through a wide LCD Screen.


Rapid EV Charger

Rapid Charging

It is a suitable solution when the vehicle needs to be charged urgently, and it can be charged up to 100 kW. It follows the CCS1 standard.

Local Load Balancing

With a maximum output of 100 kW, two units can be charged at the same time. Monitor each other's usage power and charge up to 100 kW when charging only one unit and up to 50 kW when charging two units at the same time.

DC EV Charger

Rapid EV Charger

Rapid EV Charger 

EV Fast Charging Solution 

Rapid EV Charger with built-in load-balancing capability allowing up to 100kW charging speed. 

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